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Nano-metal oxides and aliphatic polyester solids provide extremely hard, yet resilient floor protection with photo-active oxidant benefits. High luster finish is repairable without stripping and refinishing. 



Sub-micronically seal, protect and enhance metals and exterior surfaces in extreme atmospheres from corrosion, static, UV, atmospheric pollutants, photo-active oxidant.


Calci-Cure 300

Low pH cleaner, ideal for scale, lime, rust, stone, masonry - concentrate. 

Nano Seal 227-T Masonry Sealer

Nano-metal oxides drive sealers deep into surface to provide protection from airborne hydrocarbon pollution, repels water, freeze and thaw protection, efflorescence, inhibits mold, mildew, UV. Dries clear, natural, and is VOC compliant. Ideal for vertical or horizontal concrete, masonry, brick, stucco or stone surfaces. May apply by Electrostatic spray. 

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner - Degreaser

Clean heavily soiled concrete of petroleum residue, mold, and atmospheric pollutants before sealing.

Septic Systems Treatment

SEBS system incorporates specific technology to solve numerous industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional problems that result from organic waste. EST's SEBS Bacterial System digests more organic solid waste, and complete degradation of difficult organic compounds, than any other system currently on the market today. 

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Masonry Cleaning

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Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

Calci-Cure 300

NanoSeal 227-T  

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